Actions Speak Louder Than Words

A lot of times, expressing yourself through words isn’t effective.  A lot of the times, people just don’t listen or are too busy to even pay attention.  Other times, people may absorb the words you are saying, but don’t seem affected or changed the minute after.  Do actions speak louder than words?  Why do actions speak louder than words?  Why are man made letters that are put together not as strong as actions?

Fortunately I’m not the only person with a plethora of questions regarding this topic.  In the Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield is a perfect example of someone who portrays numerous events of being ignored by people from his words.  For example, early in the book, Holden gets jealous of his friend Stradlater because he had an affair with Jane Galagher.  Jane Galagher is the girl that never appears in the book but is very important to Holden because he admires and has feelings for her.  Anyways, back to my point.  So Stradlater had sex with the girl of Holden’s dreams and Holden got very jealous.  He tries to hint it through words that he was upset and mad at Stradlater, but Stradlater seemed to disregard everything he was saying.  Eventually, he got so angry that he had a little tantrum, punching and throwing things.  Now that worried Stradlater.   In this case, actions are more effective than words are.  Since Holden is a little strange and immature compared to those of his age, it’s possible that he does not know how to convey is words to others.  He has the mindset of a 4 year old and the body of a young man.

From reading Catcher in the Rye, it’s obvious to see that actions speak louder than words.  Two months ago, I was volunteering at the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Mile Square Park.  Because the Recreational Center and adults were running low on volunteers, I had to get more people from my club to attend the event and I had to stay a couple of hours longer as well.  In the end, they really appreciated my service and said “Thank You” about a thousand times more than necessary.  I didn’t really feel that much appreciation even though I didn’t really expect it because it is volunteer work.  However, a few days later, I asked the Recreational Center if I could rent out a room to host my club banquet.  To my surprise, they thanked me again for the volunteers that I provided on that day and gave me a 75% discount off the venue.  The lady just reduced the price from $700 to about $250.  I’ve never felt more appreciated in my life.  What she did made me feel more appreciated than a simple “Thank You.”

The theme, “Actions speak louder than words” is also displayed all over the media.  In the series, Master Chef, there is a lot of negative actions going on between the chefs.  Sometimes, when chefs win advantages, they’re able to save a few people from elimination with them.  Throughout the show, just being nice and polite to the other competitors is not enough to get on their good side.  For example, on Season 4, Episode 6 of Master Chef, Courtney was put in the pressure test facing possible elimination.  During her test of making donuts, she ran out of yeast and went around begging competitors if anyone had any extra yeast.  Fortunately, one of the competitors named Cutter grabbed a couple extra bags of yeast.  Courtney was so thankful and blessed that he would do such a thing for her even though they’re against each other.  In a couple of episodes later, Courtney won a mystery box challenge meaning that she had the opportunity to save a person from the pressure test.  In return, she saved Cutter because he saved her a few episodes back.

Actions will always speak louder than words.  Not everyone will listen or understand things through words, but they will through actions

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