Monday, June 8, 2015
“I’m hungr… wait no, I’m just bored.” -Angela Nguyen
Five minutes later I am walking to Costco to get us a combo pizza and a hot dog.

While I was walking over to Costco from the Coffee Bean across the street I just thought to myself how funny it was how Angela just reminded me of Holden Caulfield. She isn’t strange and a delinquent but she really cannot make up her mind just as Holden couldn’t. While reading the novel The Catcher in the Rye I couldn’t stand how Holden would say he would do something but then end up backing out. For example, he would always say that he is going to call his little sister Phoebe but then the very next second he says that his parents would answer so he isn’t going to call. He would say that he is going to call Jane but then backs out again cause he “doesn’t feel like it anymore.”

There are moments when you just don’t feel like doing something. You just want to be lazy and lay in bed and watch Netflix or something. We all have those moments, so you could use the excuse “I don’t feel like it,” isn’t going to save you in every situation. After awhile it just shows that you have no drive to do anything, ALL THE TIME! I would’ve felt more refreshed and satisfied with the book if Holden wasn’t such a difficult character.

I think that Holden has trouble expressing himself. He can’t convey exactly how he feels so he ends up repeating some thoughts and he exaggerates his stories. Because he can’t really say how he feels in a way that other people understand, Holden never can have a real relationship with other people. Everyone he meets in the novel are just people that pass through his life, nobody that ever stays.

[ ](another thinklink source)
A lot of people have come and gone. He talked to random people like the nuns, his classmates mother, the prostitute and according to Holden they somewhat enjoy his company. But really as IISuperwomanII says not everybody means what they say. Everybody is extremely polite to Holden (except for the pimp) but it is more than likely that it is out of respect. Because many of the characters to seem to care about Holden. but they don’t stay in his life… so do they really care? (thinklink from Chelsea)
The youtuber Vsauce says in his video that 0.7% of words are BAD words. I don’t know how valid that statement is because Holden tends to have a bad mouth. He casually says goddamn on every other page, which could account for about 5% of the novel. Do those words help Holden express how he is feeling? With or without the word goddamn I still wonder why Holden is loopy so does it help?

I realized that sometimes everybody is a little like Holden. In class discussions you can hear your fellow classmates never really making a strong point when they talk because they can’t exactly express themselves. Everybody always says, “It made more sense in my head.” That is because we can’t exactly put what we feel into words.

So, what if nobody can hear/understand/care how you feel?
Well, you will be treated like Holden Caulfield and you will feel like Holden Caulfield. You will feel alone, you will want to run away, you will be a Holden Caulfield.

But it’s not necessarily a bad thing because everyone can relate to Holden. Not everybody will be able to understand you all the time. But maybe and hopefully you will have a Phoebe in your life. Someone that at leasts seems to understand everything you say because they are “really smart.”

-Queen Mitch

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