My Last Choir Performance This Year

Hello World,

me doing the splits on stage

me doing the splits on stage

For the past few weeks, my choir class has been working strenuously to perfect our songs and choreography.  Since I’m in two different levels of choir, I had 4 songs to memorize and a choreography for each of them.  Practicing everyday in 3rd period for this performance was tiring and it made me not even want to perform.  Honestly, I didn’t really like the song choices at all.  They just weren’t my style; I was never really a broad way type of person.  The whole idea of broad way seemed strange to me.  Anyways,  everyday I would practice memorizing the notes and the dance moves with my choir friends with an unappealing face.

As the days flew by and the Broad Way show was coming closer; I was completely tired of all the songs and dance moves that I’ve rehearsed probably over a couple hundred times.  I was not excited at all for the show on Friday night.  I didn’t tell anyone how I felt because everyone in choir seems to love Broad Way and I felt as if I was the only one that hated it.

Anyways, on the day of the performance, my feelings were still the same.  As the clock ticked closer to to 7PM, I had a sudden shift of mood.  I was a little excited to perform one of my songs, “Men in Tights.”  I was backstage with the rest of my group all wearing green peter pan tights together.  I couldn’t wait to go on stage for no reason.

After the performance, I was so happy.  The “Men in Tights” was probably my favorite performance that I’ve ever been in.  The audience loved it as well.  I’m a little sad to know that that will be my final performance until next school year.  I wish I appreciated it more during rehearsals instead of complaining to myself and hating it.  I should’ve seen the beauty in it, and how much my teacher believed in my group.

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