I’m an introvert. But I don’t think we’re all purely introverts or purely extroverts. There’s a grey area. Sometimes I’m an extrovert. This doesn’t happen often, in fact almost never, which is why I identify as an introvert. solo

I like being alone. It gives me peace of mind and for me, being social is a lot of work. Too much work. Yes, I appreciate my friends and family, but quite honestly, I don’t need them all the time. When I’m by myself, I don’t necessarily think I’m lonely. Sometimes your best friend can be yourself. Actually, your best friend, should be yourself!

A friend told me the other day that they’re always lonely. That they don’t get to hangout with their friends…all the time. That’s too much. All of the time?!?! Other people are a lot of work. Maybe it’s just me enjoying time alone, but I feel as though having people around constantly forces me to social when I don’t want to be.

I want people to be around me when I’m happy or when I want to be social. I don’t want people to get the vibe that I’m stuck up or anti-social just because I’m not up for talking that day.

So yes, human interactions are a good idea. A great idea! But all the time? No. I don’t think I need someone by my side all the time.

-Tree Kats

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