Hosting a Banquet

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Over the past week, my board and I have been working very hard to host our own end of the year Key Club banquet.  It was extremely difficult because it was the first time ever that we’ve ever done it at the Fountain Valley Recreational Center instead of the usual.  It was also my first time ever being in charge of the board for the whole event and all I wanted to do was to be able to create a memorable night for the seniors.  They’ve done so much for me this whole year and hosting this banquet was my way of saying thank you to them.

Working on the banquet was probably the biggest event that I’ve ever hosted.  It took countless hours everyday communicating with my other 12 board members and making sure everyone is doing what was expected.  I also had to communicate with those in charge of the venue and make sure all the sound equipment was working.

At the banquet, my main concern was the seniors.  I wanted to make sure they all got enough food and enjoyed every second of the night.  I gave the seniors priority with everything; I let them get food first, get the front stage seats and made sure everyone in the room gave them their full attention during the banquet.

At the end of the banquet, each of the seniors came up to me individually and thanked me for the night.  They were really happy that I provided amazing entertainment and numerous opportunities for them to enjoy themselves.  I was really happy to hear that the seniors enjoyed it and I hope that they’ll remember me when they graduate.

One thought on “Hosting a Banquet

  1. That’s really neat! I’m glad the event turned out to be a success; I was in charge of a banquet for my club, Working Wardrobes and so I can empathize with you on how stressful it must have been. Good Job!


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