The Perks of Volunteering and Helping out.

Hello world,

Photobooth at the easter egg volunteering event

Photobooth at the easter egg volunteering event

Throughout this past hectic weekend, I’ve attended 4 Key Club events in just 2 days and Holy Crap I’m exhausted.  On Thursday night, Mr. Cueva from the Fountain Valley Recreational Center sent out a last minute email pleading for volunteers because a club who signed up for that shift dropped out.  He asked for 10 members, but unfortunately, I was only able to bring 6.  Better than none right?  When we got there, we helped them carry a bunch of heavy wooden materials, chairs and tables to set up for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Surprisingly, we were able to do a job that required 20 volunteers and finished only 12 minutes later than expected.

After helping him out, he thanked us because we pretty much saved his butt with the service that we provided.  I went with my friend Anthony to go prepare for the Teen Easter Event that night at the Recreational Center as well.  The adults who worked at the Recreational Center were also thankful for me because they were about to cancel this event because there were currently only 6 sign-ups out of the 100 open spots.  I was able to bring 88 members from my club and help them execute a fun and memorable event!  It was the first time this event has ever happened and they are planning on doing it next year!

The next morning, the Recreational Center needed help again with the actually Annual Easter Egg Event.  Unfortunately, the same incident occurred with unreliable clubs not showing up.  I had to call extra members to come help out due to the lack of volunteers that day.  There was a lot of cleaning up involved which took hours of lifting.  It was a great work out honestly, but very tiring.  The adults who worked at the Recreational center thanked us numerous times for being so reliable and helpful.  When I asked them if my club could use the Recreational center for our club banquet, they said they would offer us a huge DISCOUNT!  Usually it’s $125 per hour, but they might be allowing my club to use the venue for $25 an hour, or FREE!

It just goes to show that when you do a bunch of good deeds and never ask for anything in return, sometimes good will happen to you!

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