Today I stepped on staples

Today I stepped on staples; it hurt like hell. However it reminded me to always be cautious of my surroundings. There use to be an ongoing joke that I had with a friend, where my carelessness would lead to me getting hit by cars or something. And while a little dumb, (because who even talks about staples?!?!) I thought I’d explore this horrendous 3 minute event in my life.


I was sitting on my bed when my dad called out to me. Apparently a college rep wanted to talk to me and in a rush on my way out of my room, I didn’t realize the lethal bit of metal on the floor. It sat upright, waiting for me to step on it, and when I did, I could feel the sharp pain of the staples pierce the thick skin on the bottom of my foot. Ouch. 

I don’t even remember what the rep said to me, because I was so concentrated on the pain of the bottom of my foot. As soon as politely possible, I hung up the phone and half ran, half limped to the medicine cabinet.

“What did they say,” said my dad.

“I stepped on a staple.”

“What did they ask,” said my brother.

“I stepped on a staple.”

I flung open the cabinet door and located the rubbing alcohol. I grabbed the cotton pads and soaked them with the alcohol, pressing it down to the bottom of my left foot. Ouch. 

I now have two parallel marks on the bottom of my foot. One is red and the other has dried blood. It is not a fun time trying to walk, I’ll say that much.

No matter what you think you have to do, it’s not as important as watching out around you. Your end goal may be great or insignificant, BUT WATCH OUT. It goes to show that you need to be aware of your surroundings and how you might hurt yourself along the way.

You never know when or where staples are lurking; stay cautious, friends.

-Tree Kats


2 thoughts on “Today I stepped on staples

  1. I hope your foot is healed.
    But nonetheless, this can allude to friends, obstacles, anything. Sometimes a friend might stab you in the back, and you can’t blame her because you weren’t watching out!
    Fabulous description of the crusty blood, and a great post on lurking for the sketchy things in life out there Tree Kats


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